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    The Coromandel Film Collective is embarking on a conservation, education and advocacy project. We are making an in depth natural history documentary about the Kauri tree based on a collaborative model of film production and an educational approach to foster the local industry.

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Collaboration & Education in the KAURI documentary

James Muir who operates a mobile film unit for all the production requirements of a high quality professional documentary film runs workshops to give students and community members the opportunity to learn film production using professional equipment and find their strengths in the different roles of a production crew.

His workshops take participants through the stages of pre-production to post production and include social media, marketing and distribution as part of the learning experience.

We believe that these talents can be fostered here instead of having young people move away to get skills and experience in the film industry. In addition, adults in the community have the opportunity to explore the field or reignite their passion.

In 2014 James Muir, supported by Creative Mercury Bay (CMB) and Mercury Bay Area School (MBAS) have provided introduction to filmmaking workshops and revealed some outstanding talent among the students of MBAS.

In 2015 with the same collaboration the course was opened to the wider community. A four member team, including two students and 2 Adults work-shopped to produce a visual poem about the plight of our Kauri forests.

The seed planted, a project germinated. Now three members of the workshop, Cheyenne Warmsley & Atawhai Chateris, MBAS students with a passion for the environment and filmmaking, and Chris Twemlow, a media producer with a deep love of the Coromandel have teamed with James up to coproduce KAURI The Tree The People.

Through Collaboration the Coromandel Film Collective will serve to establish a unique film identity for Coromandel and to encourage future film and TV industry to the region.
  • We aim to build and maintain excellent communication to have a strong media identity for the film.
  • We will work closely with locals with special interest in the Kauri,  specialists and scientists who undersatnd the Kauri and Film professionals with a heart for nature and conservation.
  • Integrating arts, education, science and community into purely Coromandel based film production also has the potential to further local and international understanding and interest in the region.
  • We recognise that this gives us an audience, builds momentum to provide for our audience and gives excellent exposure for our supporters and partners.
Collaboration is an integral part of working in current film and TV production. Media skill development and local knowledge are central to our production eduaction model.

Would you like to be a partner or sponsor?
Are you a conservationist or scientist with knowledge of Kauri?
Are you a local with a story about Kauri?

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CFC is a Not for Profit Group of professionals aiming to foster filmmaking talent in the Coromandel.