Tribute to Cliff Heraud

Cliff Heraud, a founding member of Kauri 2000 recently passed away and we would like to remember him here for the inspirational work he achieved setting in motion the restoration of the Kauri forests of the Coromandel Peninsula.

His son Richard said, ""I think he will be remembered as somebody who, along with Vivienne McLean, established the building blocks for the ongoing development of Kauri 2000. Furthermore, I think he should be recognised for advocating for the development of the educational aspect of this project."

Cliff Heraud Twin Kauris Tairua 2015

"Ultimately my father thought in the long term. He was someone who saw the majesty of the kauri."

Kauri 2000 is a long term project to recreate significant stands of kauri on publicly-owned land on the Coromandel Peninsula.